Almost everybody loves the thrill and excitement of football season, and what better way to stay in touch with your clients and to make a good impression on them than to show that you share their interests and passions? By taking advantage of football season magnet promotions, you can constantly remind your clients that choosing your business is the surest way to come out a winner.

Fortunately, there is a lot of choice when it comes to designing your magnet promotion. Most people simply create a magnetic calendar that lists a season pro team schedule and then has the company’s name and contact information at the bottom. However, you might also enjoy and benefit from creating a magnet that lists local, state, or even school football schedules. These are great for those who live in small towns or who wish to show their support for the local school system. The type of campaign you launch will depend greatly on the exact market you are trying to reach and on your location.

You will want to avoid, however, gearing your magnet advertising toward one particular team. This can turn off customers who are fans of other teams and also shows a bit of bias. It is best to stick to just listing schedules, unless you want to go the expensive route of printing out several different magnets with different team logos and letting your customers have their pick. Obviously, this is much more complicated and requires a lot more work than simply printing out one magnet that everyone can use. While this does offer a more personal connection with your customers, you shouldn’t venture into this type of advertising unless you have the time and means to make it work.

Distributing the magnets can be easy and fun, and you’ll have an array of choices as to where to distribute them. Common places to give away or include magnets are at local football games or professional football games, at sporting good stores, at college or job fairs, at open houses, in phone books, and at concession stands at games. Magnets should always be given away free of charge and should be designed so that your picture, if applicable, and your company name and contact information, including both ยูฟ่าเบท phone number and address, are prominently displayed without taking away anything from the football schedule. You do not want to get too busy with the design, so it is best to avoid cutesy logos, odd formatting, or other types of calendars or information. Simplicity usually works best for these magnets. Ideally, you will want to distribute them a month or so prior to the beginning of the football season, so that your customers will be looking at them for many months to come.

Football season custom magnet advertising is a great way to reach your clients, and, best of all, you’ll only have to pay for new magnets one time per year. If at all possible, you should reuse the same printing company each year, as many companies will give loyalty discounts to repeat customers.